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Editorial review

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Ricardo Soria Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 4.0
If you feel that the set of features offered by the venerable Notepad doesn't cover you text-editing needs or you simply need a more advanced text editor with reserved words recognition for different programming languages, then you should consider EditPlus as a good alternative.
This full-featured text editor serves for a number of purposes, from simple text files edition to HTML development.

The program's interface includes a tree-view navigator for your file system, quick file location and opening. Besides, its comprehensive toolbar gives you access to the program's most commonly used functions: create, open, save or print a file, spell-check the current file, copy, cut, paste or delete text, find and replace text, undo/redo the last actions (a large number of last actions is supported), and more. Other features like word wrap, text auto-indent and line numbering can be enabled or disabled very easily.

Unlike similar text editors like Notepad, EditPlus allows you to work on several files simultaneously through a tabbed system. Besides, the program is capable of recognizing and highlighting reserved words for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, C++, Visual Basic, Javascript and other languages. Anyway, you can create your own syntax files to let the program support additional languages.

EditPlus has been designed for web developers as well. This is why the program includes a specific toolbar for this task and its own built-in web browser for you to test your HTML documents. As for the spell-check feature, to use it, you need to download and install it as a separate tool. US-English and UK-English are the available languages. Finally, the program is full of extra features that you will hardly find in other text editors. For example, EditPlus supports macro recording, text folding, remote file edition via FTP/FTPS/SSH, text auto-completion, and even compiler integration.

To sum it all up, EditPlus is a simple yet powerful text editor that can be used not only for simple text editing, but also for programming and basic web development. You can test the program for up to 30 days before you the necessity to buy a license to continue using it.


  • Supports multiple files editing.
  • Supports line numbering and auto indent.
  • Allows you to create your own syntax files.
  • Includes special features for programmers and web developers.
  • Supports compilers integration.


  • To use the spell checker, you need to download and install it separately.
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    SimonC 3 months ago

    I find EditPlus really useful when messing around with various text based file formats. It's simple to use but has plenty of really useful features that you won't find in many other text editors.

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    Guest 7 years ago

    Stable soft.

  • 0
    a-scorpion 7 years ago

    try it you will love it

All comments (4)

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